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Why dog adoption?

We often hear the phrase "adopt, don't shop" in the rescue community, but what exactly does it mean? Over 3 million dogs enter US shelters each year. There are countless others on the streets or in dangerous living conditions. Many of these healthy dogs are euthanized simply due to overcrowding and lack of resources. These dogs are in desperate need of loving homes, and FEND is committed to rescuing as many as resources allow by bringing them to the greater Boston area, where adoptable dogs are in high demand.

By choosing to adopt instead of buying, you're not only saving a life, but you're helping to reduce the demand for puppy mills and backyard breeders. Most dogs sold in pet shops or online come from puppy mills or other unethical breeding facilities which prioritize profit over the health and well-being of their animals. Adoption is the compassionate and responsible choice and is a win-win situation for both the dog and their new pet parents.

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Each dollar we receive from our supporters goes a long way towards helping us rescue dogs like Cutie Pie. Cutie Pie was recently rescued from a hoarding situation and has since found a loving forever home.•••